Skodiacs were formed when Cube5 (Rene Hofman's previous band) folded. Cube5 was a contender in te Pop=Prima Prijs twice, in 1993 and 1995.
The first live era - the 90's
In those days the band consisted of Rene Hofman (lead vocals and guitars), Esther Pleizier (backing vocals),
Michiel Zijlstra (bass), WIetze Kuipers (keyboards and
vocals) and Willem Boonstoppel (drums). This line-up released a cd "Shake some action" in the 90's, before
falling apart.
Now ....
For years the band hadn't performed. The only steady member of the band was Rene Hofman. There were no plans for live-gigs but the band kept recording and releasing new material. When "Melancholy baby" became an indie radio hit Skodiacs started performing again, with new band members.
You'll find news about gigs and new releases on this web-site.